MARCH 2015



An early spring outing.

Missus and Kid donned surgical masks.

Thick as miso soup, a hazy glug heavily laced with cedar pollen hung over the land and cut the summit views.

The mountain had been assaulted by managed forestry, save for a small stand of massive trees hidden deep in the woods.

Shirai-san is the middle member of the Ise-san-zan, the Three Mountains of Ise.  Together with the lower Hossaka-yama and higher Tsubone-ga-take the trio of peaks are renowned navigation points of old, standing out from the surrounding mountains and clearly visible from the seas to the east.

On an open, sun drenched patch of grassy ground ticks invaded our mountaintop picnic .  We seem to attract those little arachnids whichever side of the equator we hike.  Barely had we sunk our teeth into our bento box lunches before the first wave hit, marching across our plastic mat, feeding frenzy of their own on their minds.  Little reddish brown things, salivating over the chance for change in diet from the usual deer and boar action.  We stood and ate, checking our shoes for the more persistent of the swarm, then hit the track.


Another mountain ticked off.

Ticked off another mountain.







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