JULY 2013


…after the gion matsuri we collapsed into a month long hiatus and the city sweltered and we sweltered and so it was the mountains we opted for in search of respite…

…blue storms with magenta centres brewed on the radar, a three ay-em wake up was in order to avoid the afternoon onslaught…

…bleary eyed, the day started with a bang, arse cheek breaking my fall down a precipitous set of twisted japanese house steps, fire rippled through my buttocks and up my spine as I spilled out through open fusuma onto tatami and vehemence, bluer than the the deepest blue that would soon enough erupt across my rump, rang out through the dark, humid early morning air, vehemence bluer than the skies we would walk under, bluer than the summer leaves were green, bluer than the iridescent tails of scuttling skinks scampering from beneath our tread, bluer than the hydrangea tickling our toes on the chairlift ride off the mountain…

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