trailhead persimmons

With more time on my hands than ever, I just can’t seem to grasp it and make good use.

When I have it:  I can’t be arsed.

When I don’t:  Frustration reigns.

The hours I waste are unfathomable at times.

Autumn break got us out on a few hikes to ease the Kyoto cabin fever welling up within me but the days in between just slipped through my fingers.

looking towards ibuki-yama

An overnight on a mountain was going to go a ways to remedying all that.  Take The Kid on his first monster hike and let him see what he could achieve.

Shiga storms scuppered those plans at the last minute.  It was a river hike that we’d planned and things seemed a little bit too risky to head out in the storms’ wake.

So, instead, we opted for a day hike and headed for Shizu-ga-take, a mountain sandwiched between lakes at the northern end of Biwa-ko in Shiga.

It was a temporary measure, but it sure eased the pain.

lake biwa


  1. I feel your pain. I too am the victim of too many wasted opportunities. Looks like I may finally make it to Mt. Mitake (in Sasayama) tomorrow. or maybe not.

    If you’ve got a pair of snowshoes then join me sometime this winter for an assault on Mt. Jyatani. It should help make up for lost time. No shoeshoes? No worries, as my mate has an extra pair or two

  2. I’m a little late to the party here, but like what I read.

    And considering our long night up there, it’s probably best you missed that infamous Jyatani “assault.”

    • Thanks for popping by Ted. Don’t worry, the party’s far from over.

      As for Jyatani, yeah, I ended up missing that episode by about a hemisphere.

      I was probably chilling on the verandah, sucking on a beer as Wes and you were doing some chilling of your own.

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