#011 – NIJYO-ZAN

“So…Nijyo, ne,” the Missus tried to read my thoughts as usual.

It wasn’t a snap decision nor one involving deep deliberation.  No heartfelt hankering had been harboured.  It was more a matter of picking a mountain on the list and going.  Getting out and about was better than sitting at home twiddling thumbs.  It being mid autumn and all, our fair weathered/moderately temperatured days were numbered.

“Yeah, I suppose,” I replied.

Nijyo-zan: a little double peaked, 500 metre mountain in the Kongo-Ikoma Range, a line of mountains straddling the Osaka-Nara border.  The higher of the summits is the male peak, the lower the female.  Set up a mountain like that back home and wouldn’t there be a ruckus.   There’s an ugly shrine on the higher summit and and a big old sundial in a picnic area on the other.  So the boy hill is taller and the girl hill is prettier.  Seems like they worked this one out alright to me.

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